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About The Intrepid Motorcar Company

Intrepid only has one mode: full throttle.

With a racer at the wheel, The Intrepid Motorcar Company lives to be the very best. It is in our DNA.

Proudly, we rebuild, restore, and maintain vintage, historic, and select exotic street cars using modern tools and best practices, plus an abundance of old-world craftsmanship.

So what makes The Intrepid Motorcar Company the world-renowned vintage race and street car restoration shop it is today? Our 100 years of combined experience, our unwavering commitment to period-correct work, and our intense passion for the world of racing.  

Our clients appreciate our commitment to quality and know they can count on us to get the job done right.

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What we DO

Vintage Car Restoration

Concours Restoration

The Intrepid Motorcar Company has decades of experience, honest, talented team members, and the technical knowledge required for complete, proper classic and vintage race car restorations. From ground-up, nut-&-bolt renewal to correct specs; from fit and finish to meticulous paint jobs, we accept just one outcome: period-correct excellence. Our quality work is widely recognized and appreciated by serious car collectors and racing competitors alike. We apply our exceptionally high standards to every job we touch, even smaller ones like refreshing or replacing parts, repair of race car body damage, and mechanical internals.

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The Intrepid Motorcar Company values the critical importance of proper maintenance for every vintage race car and road car that passes through our facility. That is why we keep highly detailed records—something all shops should do, but often do not. We share the responsibility with our clients to record the car’s history and to be able to reference the work done. We do not take this lightly. Our maintenance procedures ensure that our clients’ cars will be ready for whatever use they intend. This includes checking all fluid levels at prescribed intervals and meeting exact specifications. Additionally, we put our clients at ease with regular, very thorough safety checks.

Race Prep

Our racing customers consistently achieve high results year after year. With over 30 years of vintage racing experience, we understand what it takes to compete with the best in each race category.

Our mechanics and technicians expertly prepare and tune vintage race cars to perform at peak levels. Our expansive shop is fully equipped for milling and lathe work, gas and arc welding, fabricating and paint, as well as high performance tuning.

Trackside Support

Our crew regularly goes trackside at vintage racing events to support our customers and service their competition cars. Well known in race paddocks, the company’s 75-foot transporter with its signature Intrepid Racing awning is a welcome home-away-from-home for clients, friends and colleagues. We also offer on-track shakedown and repairs.

Past Projects

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We are Professional

We stake our reputation on every car that leaves our shop.

We are Experienced

With over 100 years of combined experience, we can take care of any project.

We are Craftsmen

From ground-up to touch-up our attention to detail is unparalled.


Our Standards are
Widely Recognized

Admittedly, our exacting standards are well above and beyond. We cater to like-minded customers who demand and appreciate details like proper orientation of bolt heads, and the correct alignment of the letters on tires. Not only are these technicalities important in competition and for the car’s value; they accurately reflect our laser-focused commitment to insanely great work. At The Intrepid Motorcar Company, we do what we say we can do.


We won’t stop until the job is done 100% correctly. In fact, we often right the wrongs of other shops that got in over their heads. And because our honesty and integrity guide us, we do not give estimates. We simply ask for your trust in us and the process. (We have many, many references. Inquire within.)