Track support

Intrepid Racing

Intrepid Motorcar’s support team regularly goes trackside at vintage racing meets for serving customers and servicing their competition cars.  Well known in race paddocks, the company’s 53-ft transporter with its “Intrepid Racing” weather awning is a familiar reminder of our mobile presence, a secure home-away-from-home attending to clients’ race cars and their drivers’ needs.

Intrepid also offers on-track shakedown and repairs that might be necessary during the span of a vintage racing event.  Driver advice is available from frequent race-winner Bert Skidmore and, in addition, independently contracted coaching benefits a number of Intrepid’s clients.  As well, we provide crew-to-driver radio communication for those cars compatibly equipped.


Intrepid has many years of experience with the technical knowledge required for complete classic and vintage race car restorations.  From ground-up, nut-&-bolt renewal to correct specs and accurate detailing of body and paint, our quality of job talent and excellence in finished work is widely recognized and preferred by serious car collectors and racing competitors.  Intrepid’s high standards apply equally to jobs of lesser size, such as refreshing or replacing parts, and repair of damage to race car bodies and mechanical internals. 


Intrepid’s mechanics and technicians are widely recognized for their skills in preparing and tuning vintage race cars for winning performance on track, evidenced year after year by the number of high finishes among our driving customers.  Our large shop is equipped for milling and lathe work, gas and arc welding, fabricating and paint, as well as high performance tuning employed through our engine dynamometer.  With over 20 years of vintage racing experience, we know what it takes to perform alongside leaders in each specific race group.


Intrepid values the critical importance of proper maintenance for vintage race cars and road cars that pass through our facility, where detailed records are kept on every job for later reference and follow-up in our continuing responsibility to each and every customer.  Our maintenance procedures insure that their cars will be ready for whatever use they are intended, and that fluid levels and safety checks are always maintained at prescribed intervals and to exact specifications.   

Further information and details are available from Intrepid’s office and shop where Bert Skidmore and his staff of experts will respond to inquiries.